Humanities Hub

Via Santa Croce 77 
I-38100 Trento
T. +39 0461 210111 

This year the workshop will be held in the centre of the Trento city, at the Centro Santa Chiara, near the Humanities Hub of the Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Via Santa Croce 77 I-38100 Trento


It takes less than 15 minutes to walk from the train station. Ask for via Santa Croce. Or ask for Centro Santa Chiara, a well known structure hosting an auditorium for cultural events. Here is how to reach the Humanities Hub from the train station

By car
You can’t park at our offices without special permission. Consider parking in the underground car park at Piazza Fiera. From the motorway, exit at TRENTO SUD or TRENTO NORD and head toward the center. 
Here's how to reach the Humanities Hub from Trento Nord and Trento Sud

By bus

There are lots of buses that go to our Humanities hub. The most frequent are the 3 and 8, but any bus that stops at Piazza Fiera works. When you get off, walk in the opposite direction of the old city wall. 

By taxi

Find one just outside the train station or book one to pick you up at your hotel (Tel. +39.0461.235383 or call Radio Taxi at +39 0461 930002).